# Installation

  • npm: npm install --save-dev @vue/test-utils@next
  • yarn: yarn add --dev @vue/test-utils@next

# Support for .vue files

To load .vue files with Jest, you will need vue-jest. vue-jest v5 is the one that supports Vue 3. It is still in alpha, much like the rest of the Vue.js 3 ecosystem, so if you find a bug please report it here and specify you are using vue-jest v5.

You can install it with vue-jest@next. Then you need to configure it with Jest's transform option.

# Usage

Vue Test Utils is framework agnostic - you can use it with whichever test runner you like. The easiest way to try it out is using Jest, a popular test runner.

If you don't want to configure it yourself, you can get a minimal repository with everything set up here.