Useful Libraries for Testing

Vue Test Utils provides useful methods for testing Vue components. Community members have also written some additional libraries which either extend vue-test-utils with extra useful methods, or provide tools for testing other things found in Vue applications.

Vue Testing Library

Vue Testing Library is a set of tools focused on testing components without relying on implementation details. Built with accessibility in mind, its approach also makes refactoring a breeze.

It is built on top of Vue Test Utils.


vuex-mock-store provides a simple and straightforward mock store to simplify testing components consuming a Vuex store.


jest-matcher-vue-test-utils adds additional matchers for the Jest test runner with the goal of making assertions more expressive.


jest-mock-axios allows you to easily mock axios, a common HTTP client, in your tests. It works out of the box with Jest, and the author provides guidance on supporting other test runners in the documentation.